About Rachel Virginia H.

I am thankful that you have made it to The Generous Pine! My name is Rachel and I am the mind behind The Generous Pine.

I am a student studying Gender Studies and Peace and Conflict Studies at the Bachelor’s level at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I’m currently a fellow with the amazing organization, Soulforce.

You might be wondering to yourself: why is Rachel’s blog called The Generous Pine? Well, I have always found comfort and inspiration in pine trees. Trees, in general, have always represented to me beauty and grace. Pine trees, in particular, are embedded into my psyche as symbols of refuge and affirmation. These trees were there for me in my times of distress as well as the times I have dreamed dreams under their shade.

As a person of faith and an artist, I believe that human beings can be sources of refuge and advocacy for one another. I hope that my life will model the kindness of pine trees. My desire for this carving of space in the internet is that it might be an affirming space to conspire about abundant life. All I want is to nurture life-giving narratives and to share meaningful ideas. I hope to be able to learn more about you here.

Feel free to explore the blog and the projects!

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